Low Cost Counselling Service

A team of counsellors & psychotherapists to assist you through difficult times. Providing a professional and confidential one to one talk therapy service. Providing a safe space to talk about concerns such as depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, grief/loss, sexuality, anxiety, trauma, identity, self-esteem, bullying.

Also offering FREE group support for parents. We at Shannon’s Hopeline believe that you too need support and advice on how to support your child. Sometimes as parents we can struggle to know what to do in these situations. Better Together is our new Parent Support group. Here you will find a safe space with a trained psychotherapist and like-minded people who can all come together to give each other advice and support.

The 'Be Kind to your Mind' Workshop

Shannon's Hopeline operate structured Workshops to provide young people with the tools and abilities to master tough situations with confidence for now and in their future. The Workshops are broken up in into 4 key modules: Anti-Bullying, Confidence Building, Mindfulness and Gratitude. So far, we have completed courses for local Schools, Sports Clubs and even Parent groups. Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information about these Workshops or any of the services that we provide.


Identifying the signs of Bullying. What to do should you witness someone being bullied or become effected yourself (Video Demonstrations). Focussing on the types of bullying and whom you should contact should you need help while focussing on the importance of using your VOICE.


To identify and become more aware of Negative thinking and to practice transferring those negative thoughts into positive ones. Identifying insecurities and learning how to boost confidence through customised Self-Esteem building exercises.


Becoming more aware of your surroundings, learning how to stay in the present moment using different techniques to guide you through everyday stressful situations. Activities include various ways of Meditating, proven to reduce stress and anxiety.


To understand the importance of Gratitude and how it will benefit your thoughts and feelings. Practicing and becoming more grateful and mindful of the everyday things we take for granted has been scientifically proven to increase happiness.

The Gift of Hope

On Completion of the 'Be Kind to Your Mind' Workshop, each individual recieves a customised package known as the 'Gift of Hope'. This contains an assortment of items as well as advice to help you on your journey to a positive mental attitude!

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